Patriot Kids Mission

At Patriot Kids Foundation, we believe that children are the future of our society. We also believe that it is essential to teach children the importance of american exceptionalism, as it is the only way that to fix our nation!

What are Patriot Kids Foundations projects for 2024?

Founding Fathers Week

Patriot kids Foundation wants to propose the idea of a Founding Fathers week. 

Our great nation was created by many brave men, not a few. The American Constitution has been maintained alive for over 200 years, on solid pillars of freedom and independence, never under government control, these incredible men made sure that no government could ever take away our individual rights and freedoms.

Saving America start with you

Patriot Kids Foundation's fundamental objective is to return children and young people to the proper path on which our Nation was founded, rescuing the original intention that our Founding Fathers established in 1776.
To achieve this objective, it is essential that children and young people know and understand the Philosophy of Government on which the United States of America was founded and that it is precisely this Philosophy of Government that makes our country an example of freedom in the world. And be Exceptional.

Educating Newly Arrived Immigrants about U.S. Society and Government

This project aims to provide immigrants with essential knowledge about US civics, culture, and institutions so that they can better integrate into American society. As newcomers to the United States, immigrants often face a significant cultural shock and struggle to understand their new home's customs, traditions, and values. This project aims to bridge that gap by providing them with the necessary information and resources to navigate the complex landscape of American society.

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